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Kefalonia or Cephalonia is the largest island in the Ionian, is an island like no other in Greece and is perfect for quiet and romantic holidays. This is the island with the tallest mountain in Greece, which is called Ainos. Kefalonia is an island of beautiful nature with breathtaking views, wild nature, famous beaches such as Myrtos and access to Navagio at neighbouring Zante island. The lively town of Fiscardo in the North is a mecca for yachting and the quieter town of Assos with the Venetian fort. For all these reasons, a car rental is a must

Kefalonia has been in the headlines as the island of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. This is the title of a novel by the British writer Louis de Bernières, published in 1994. The novel was made to a movie, released in 2001, under the titles "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and "Corelli's Mandolin". This is a love story during the Italian and German occupation of the island during WWII. 

There is also a connection between Kefalonia and the Odyssey. As you probably know, the tale of the adventures of Odysseus (Ulysses) is attributed to the Greek poet Homer, who was born sometime between the 12th and 8th centuries BC.

When I walk on the wide and long sandy beach at the North side of the bay of Argostoli, close to Livadi, I imagine the palace and citadel of Odysseus stretching over the surrounding low hills and I discern with my imagination the wooden ships of the time being pulled up on the shallow shore for maintenance. 

This is because my properties are located at the Paliki peninsula in Kefalonia. Paliki is considered by several scholars to be the Homeric Ithaca. 

Among the many proponents of this theory, notable is the recent work of Mr. Robert Bittlestone with the assistance of Professor James Diggle of Cambridge University and Professor John Underhill of the University of Edinburgh. 

I am very fond of my own estate, a few steps from the sandy Vrahinari beach, with a sprawling fenced olive grove and cottages ensconced between olive trees and vine pergolas, the Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa!

In this video, I am approaching the S.W. corner of Kefalonia on my yacht Mondo Cosseri. Mooring at the harbour of Argostoli was the happy ending of my Odyssey. This was a sea voyage of 4000 kms over water, having sailed from London, UK.

If Paliki was the Homeric Ithaka, then perhaps Odysseus/Ulysses followed the same heading of 90 degrees due East from the straits of Messina and thus saw what I saw, that is the S.W. corner of Paliki as his first sight of his homeland. 

Close to Skorpios island, of Onassis' fame

Ionian sea

Like everyone else, I love the famous greek islands in the Aegean sea, dotted with white-washed Cycladic architecture, such as Mykonos and Santorini. They are a must to visit as they are unique and unforgettable. 

However, my favourite is the Ionian sea, on the west side of Greece, towards Italy. The Ionian islands consist primarily of Corfu (Kerkyra), Kefalonia, Leukas, Paxoi and Zante (Zakynthos). Kefalonia is the largest of these islands and has the tallest mountain, Ainos, among all Greek islands.

It is common knowledge that the Ionian archipelago is ideal for sailing due to the prevailing gentle and steady winds from the Northwest mostly during the afternoon. This is one of the many reasons that I like the Ionian sea.

The Ionian  islands were briefly occupied by the Ottoman Empire but were influenced by the Crusaders, Venetians, French, British, Italians, to name a few of the powers of the time who governed these islands. Thus the Ionian islands became the birthplace of many successful business people, politicians, artists and so fourth

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