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Kefalonia - Akrata - Athens

Are you sick of the daily grind and ready to indulge and unwind among some of the most beautiful locations on the Mediterranean? Then look no further than the picturesque island of Kefalonia in the Ionian sea, the popular seaside town of Akrata on the North coast of the Peloponnese and the cultural gem of Athens. 

These places are my favorites, not that there are no other beautiful places in Greece, of which there are hundreds and hundreds of them, but because I chose these three places in order to experience the surroundings and capture a lot of Greek flavour along the way. 

We look forward to have you as guests at my properties in these idyllic locations: 

Relax & enjoy!

No matter what path, or life experiences, have led you to Greece you will benefit from soaking up the laid-back lifestyle the Greeks have a reputation for and the scenery will not disappoint. It’s also a great excuse to unplug your mobile phone and laptop and focus on yourself and your well-being

Large family celebrations & group events

Travelling together is a special way to make lasting memories and grow in the only way that travel can provide. If you are anything like my Greek relatives, they all love to travel together! But also so many fellow Greeks from overseas come to Greece in groups to participate in weddings, baptismals and other social events. 

I have created these accommodations with that focus in mind. That is to bring groups of people together in a beautiful location where they can relax and perhaps invite over their friends or relatives for a drink or a friendly meal. This is how happy memories are made and then cherished for many years to come

Healthy & tasty Greek food, including Olive oil!

Did you know that some of the longest living people in the world live on the Greek island Ikaria and eat a variation of the Mediterranean diet? Once you taste a Greek salad, made fresh from local produce, your taste buds will not forget it. 

Most of what I cook contains my own cold-pressed organic virgin olive oil. I also use home grown spices in my cooking such as wild fennel and rosemary. My seasonal grapes are delicious.

Farming experiences (not yet available)

  • Pruning olive trees in Spring
  • Pruning vines in Spring
  • Grape harvest in August
  • Olive harvest In October

So many memorable experiences which relax, educate but also tone muscles! Not to mention dancing the night away during the wine festival celebrations in August

Eating out

Or, if cooking is not your forte on holiday, you can take a stroll to the many cafes and  restaurants, which are ubiquitous in Greece, and sit back while your meals are created

Eating in

My family-friendly self-contained accommodations cater for individuals, families or large groups with full kitchen and dining facilities. Thus you can create mouth-watering dishes using local produce and share them with your family 

Learn about and experience the culture

There is so much history and culture in Greece!

Athens, apart from the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon, has many museums and events with themes ranging from the Ancient Greeks to the more recent times.

    Multi-language TV channels

    I want my guests to feel that they found a home away from home. They should be able to watch several free-only TV channels from their home country or on their native language. Thus my TVs include radio and come with the standard digital TV reception of free Greek stationsIn addition, at my Athens apartments TV channels are in languages which include most of the Arab world, the Balkans, German and the Babel of the Hotbird satellite.  At my Akrata apartment, TV  includes channels in German and the many languages of Hotbird

    Real estate projects: 

    Mondo Cosseri - Grand Apartment in center of Athens  This large apartment (150 m2 plus balconies) is in the center of Athens. Currently under renovation the apartment will sleep in the future 8 guests. (AMA)  589015 & 589037. 

    Mondo Cossseri Kefalonia Club Suites:These 3 apartments are within the Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Estate and their construction has not been completed yet. 

    Own land sales From time to time some of my residential land properties in Kefalonia come up for sale. 

    Yachting project: 

    In the future,  I plan to offer hospitality aboard my motorsailer yacht, "Mondo Cosseri", based in Kefalonia.

    Yachts of all sizes anchor around Kefalonia. The sailing conditions in this part of the Ionian sea are very favorable.

    Mondo Cosseri is a live-aboard motorsailer with two masts (the so called ketch configuration) and a rigid dinghy. She is equally at home in the ocean, canals, rivers, between ice floats and on tidal flats. This is because she has a steel hull with three steel keels and three propellers. She has been built professionally in England and is flying the British flag (United Kingdom Ship Register).

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