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How to get there? A Map

Kefalonia, Akrata and Athens just happen to fall on a straight line on a map, making it easy to visit, even within a couple of weeks. These locations are especially practical if you are travelling with your own car and come with the ferry from Italy to the port of Patras, Greece’s main gateway to Italy.  

These three locations are fairly close to each other and thus make the trip between them short and practical. And they are great as springboards to explore Greece's past, its mythology and classical history not to mention the beaches, the natural beauty and so on.

Possible 2-week Greek holiday itinerary, if you come with you own car

Possible 2-week Greek holiday itinerary, if you prefer to fly to Greece

If you travel with your vehicle on an international ferry from Western Europe you may disembark at Patras. From Patras, Akrata can be reached in less than an hour. There you may stay at Mondo Cosseri Akrata. Using Akrata as a base you may explore several sightseeing places in the Peloponnese as well as Delphi. Then you may drive back to Patras or Kyllini  to board the ferry to Kefalonia (check for the latest schedules). At Kefalonia you may stay at Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa. You may enjoy the beach and relax. You may also explore this large island with your car. You may take your car to Zante or Leukada via ferry for short excursions. Then you may drive to Athens and stay at one of the Mondo Cosseri Apartments In Center Of Athens with own off-street parking. You may explore Athens via the public transportation which is nearby. Eventually, you may head back home via Patras. 

I would recommend to fly to Athens international airport, as usually the flights to Athens are cheaper than the international flights to local destinations in Greece. At the airport you may rent a car. You may drive to Akrata and stay at Mondo Cosseri Akrata for a few days to enjoy the beach and explore the Peloponnese. Then you may drive to Kefalonia and may stay at Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa. You may enjoy the beach and relax and explore this large island with your car.

At the end of your trip you may drive back to Athens. In Athens you may enjoy sightseeing at your leisure before boarding the flight on your way back home. 

If you do not need the rental car in Athens, you may drop it off at the airport and then come back at one of the Mondo Cosseri Apartments In Center Of Athens just by using the metro. 

Kefalonia by car

Kefalonia by airplane

Kefalonia by coach bus

Having your own private transportation is recommended. There is so much to see around this island, the largest in the Ionian sea.

Ferries from Killini and Patras ports to the Kefalonia ports of Poros and Sami

FREE PRIVATE PARKING for many cars at Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa

The EFL airport connects Kefalonia with the rest of Europe. 

DIREKTFLÜGE nach KEFALONIA von Österreich (aktualisiert am 29.05.2020) 

ab Wien - Ryanair: von 07.07. bis 29.09., Juli jeweils Dienstag, August+September Di und Sa

ab Wien - Austrian: von Freitag 03.07. bis Freitag 18.09.

DIREKTFLÜGE nach KEFALONIA von Deutschland (aktualisiert am 29.05.2020) 

ab München - Condor: von  Mittwoch 29.07. bis Mittwoch 07.10.

ab Berlin TXL - Easy Jet: von Mittwoch 01.07. bis Freitag 23.10. jeweils Mo/Mi/Fr/Sa im Juli und August, Mo und Fr im September und Oktober

ab Frankfurt Hahn - Ryanair: ab 04. 07. bis  24.10. jeden Dienstag und Samstag

From Patras and Athens daily. 

Coach terminals in Lixouri (closest to Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa) and in Argostoli

Akrata by car

Akrata by train

Akrata by coach bus

Having your own private transportation means is recommended if you would wish to explore further afield. 
FREE PRIVATE gated PARKING within the building FOR 2 CARS
 at Mondo Cosseri Akrata

FLY TO ATHENS & TAKE TRAIN TO AKRATA: The Athens Suburban Railway connects Athens International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos» to Akrata 5 times per day! 

From Athens and Patras, several times per day

Train from Athens International Airport to Akrata: 0649-0855 / 0909-1135 / 1149-1355 / 1409-1635 / 1649-1855

Train tickets Athens Airport - Akrata ->CLICK<-

Daily departure & arrival times Information (as of 11.08.2020) 

Train from Akrata to Athens International Airport: 0757-1010 / 1020-1247 / 1257-1510 / 1520-1747 / 1757-2010

Athens by car

Athens by airplane

Athens by coach bus

A car is not necessary in the center of Athens. However, if you do have a car, then the possibilities for exploration outside Athens are endless. 

The ATH airport connects Athens with the rest of the world

Coaches connect Athens with the rest of Greece

FREE PRIVATE PARKING for your car for each Mondo Cosseri Apartment In Center Of Athens

Driving with your own car from Europe

Europeans can reach Greece by driving through the Balkans or taking a ferry from Italy, typically from Venice or Ancona. Ferries from Italy primarily reach the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras

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