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Mondo Cosseri Akrata

View from the terrace of the apartment

Available all year round for short term rental through Airbnb and Sleeps 9. €70-90 for 7-9 persons (October to May), €120-140 for 7-9 persons (June to September) /night/whole apartment + €40 cleaning fee/stay. 2 nights minimum stay. 1 day minimum advance reservation. For Airbnb only there is a weekly length of stay discount of 10% and a monthly length of stay discount of 20%. 

 For availability/prices/reservations/payments via for Akrata

For availability/prices/reservations/payments via for Akrata

Mondo Cosseri Akrata is a large apartment 106 m2 in Akrata, a sea resort on the North coast of the Peloponnese. This is located on the third floor of a building in front of the sea and sleeps 9. The large terrace of 54 m2 has spectacular views over the sea and mountains and is only 50 km away from a Ski Center. Free off-street gated parking within the building for 2 cars.

Languages spoken: English and Greek.

Greek tax authority identification numbers (AMA)  109981 & 110035

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The apartment

This apartment is located on the third floor (i.e. 4 stories high above ground) in a residential building directly in front of the sea. This unique apartment has spectacular views over the sea and mountains of the Peloponnese. Akrata can be the base of your trips to many sightseeing destinations. In winter, one can combine skiing during the day at Kalavrita Ski Center with a dip in the sea right in the front. Perhaps a wetsuit may come handy, at least for me!

Access via lift/elevator or stairs. The apartment is 106 square meters large, not counting the exceptionally large terrace (54 m2) and thus it is appropriate for entertainment for sizable groups of people. The terrace wraps around the apartment on two sides thus offering unlimited views of the sea and mountains in the distance. The apartment consists of 3 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a large combined living/dining/kitchen area with 2 additional single beds. 

Available fully furnished. The kitchen includes a washing machine, a full cooking stove, a dishwasher, a coffee maker, etc. The kitchen is well equipped with cutlery, crockery, cooking equipment and related utensils. There are also two televisions with digital reception, one DVD player, Internet (WiFi) and a hair dryer. Satellite reception of most German language TV stations, which icludes Astra 19 and Hotbird satellites. Air-conditioning in all rooms. Bathroom towels and bed linen, etc

Free off-street gated parking within the building for 2 cars

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The beach

The beach, which is right in front of my apartment, stretches for kilometres and the sea has a beautiful clear blue colour due to small pebbles. 

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Views from the terrace

I love staying at my property there because I never tire to watch the sea directly in front of me (as if from a cruise ship), as well as the mountains and the people leisurely strolling by.

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Exploring Akrata

Just walking around Akrata is fun and there is a lot of sightseeing to do.

There are many coffee shops, bars and places to eat, all of which are within walking distance of my apartment. Akrata also offers a vibrant social and night life.

Nearby tours include Tsivlos Lake, Kalavryta and more distant tours include Delphi, Epidavros, Olympia, Mystras, Mani, etc

Sightseeing outside Akrata

There are so many things to do outside Akrata! Sightseeing: Beautiful mountain scenery, including the lake at Tsivlos, funicular train linking the seaside (Diakopto) with the Monastery of Kalavrita up on the mountains, numerous picturesque villages, such as Platanos and tranquil small beaches. Akrata can be used as a base for one to two day trips to many sightseeing destinations. Ancient sites include Delphi (driving directions from Akrata to Delphi - see below), Olympia (driving directions Akrata to Olympia  - see below) , Sparta (driving directions from Akrata to Sparta and Mystras - see below), Corinth (with the medieval castle of Acrocorinth) and Epidavros (driving directions Akrata to Epidavros - see below) and beautiful architectural sites include Mystras, Mani, Nafplion and Monemvasia

Directions from Akrata to Kalavrita Ski Resort
Directions from Akrata to Kalavrita Ski Resort from Google Maps (1).pdf (539.66KB)
Directions from Akrata to Kalavrita Ski Resort
Directions from Akrata to Kalavrita Ski Resort from Google Maps (1).pdf (539.66KB)

Ski in the winter!

In winter, the ski resort at Kalavrita is a drive of around 44 kilometres away (directions from Akrata to Kalavrita ski resort - see below). Thus in winter, the adventurous among our guests may combine snowskiing, mountain sports and swimming in the sea! 

Kalavrita ski resort

Real time information on Greek ski resort weather, open slopes, etc.

How to get to Akrata

Having your own private transportation means is recommended if you would wish to explore further afield. However, if you only wish to come to Akrata, public transportation is available connecting Akrata to Athens and Patras. Also, Akrata is easily accessible via flights from around the world year-round via the Athens International Airport E. Venizelos. There are so many things to see and do outside Akrata! For best value, book car rental in advance of your trip

By Car

By train

By coach bus

Akrata may be reached from Patras (gateway port for ferries from Italy) and from Athens (international airport) 

Harbour of Patras for ferries from Italy 

A bus service provided by the train company (until completion of the suburban rail works) connects at Kiato with the suburban train terminating at the Athens airport

Greek suburban train company

From Athens and from Patras, called KTEL

KTEL buses for Achaia province

KTEL BUS itineraries (in Greek)